Versatile finger picking and full-bodied melodies
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Music By Jon Fernans

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The Best of Jon Fernans CD cover

“Best of Jon Fernans”

“The Best of Jon Fernans”

1.  Heading On Home To You 3:48 Sample
2.  Don't You Ever Lose Your Dreams 4:22 Sample
3.  Turn Your Magic On 3:20 Sample
4.  A Mirror of Me 2:47 Sample
6.  Nothing In This Life 4:24 Sample
7.  Dance With The Devil 4:22 Sample
8.  My Cuban Queen 3:24 Sample
9.  Heartache Heartbreak 3:34 Sample
10.  Gypsy Woman And The Magician 3:49 Sample
11.  Rwa Bhineda 3:32  Sample
12.  Tale Of The White Whale 3:03 Sample
13.  St. Thomas 2:31 Sample
14.  Forgiveness 4:00 Sample
15.  I Dance To The Beat 3:18 Sample
16.  I'm A Happy Guy 3:30 Sample
Metaphysical Blues CD by Jon Fernans
“Metaphysical Blues”

“Metaphysical Blues”

1.  Mirror of Me 2:43 Sample
2.  Ain't Life a Bitch 3:38 Sample
3.  Lonesome Sea 3:20 Sample
4.  My Cuban Queen 3:21 Sample
5.  Working Don't Pay 2:16 Sample
6.  Blues in Bali 4:06 Sample
7.  What You See 3:09 Sample
8.  My Laurie 2:42 Sample
9.  Here is There 2:16 Sample
10.  Shady Lady 3:22 Sample
11.  She's the One 2:16 Sample
12.  Dance With the Devil 4:20 Sample
13.  Black Sheep 3:01 Sample
14.  Forgiveness 3:58 Sample
15.  I Dance to the Beat 3:12 Sample
Don't Ever Lose Your Dreams CD by Jon Fernans
“Don't Ever Lose Your Dreams”

“Don’t You Ever Lose Your Dreams”

1.  Don't You Ever Lose Your Dreams 4:21 Sample
2.  Turn Your Magic On 3:19Sample
3.  I'm A Happy Guy 3:32Sample
4.  Waiting For A Sign 2:59Sample
5.  Intuition 4:41Sample
6.  Dance With The Devil 4:22Sample
7.  A Mirror of Me 2:47Sample
8.  Everything That Happens 3:37Sample
9.  Sunrise 3:38Sample
Dance with the Devil CD by Jon Fernans
“Dance with the Devil”

“Dance With The Devil”

1.  Dance With The Devil 4:20 Sample
2.  A Mirror of Me 2:45Sample
3.  My Cuban Queen 3:21Sample
4.  Lonesome Sea 3:21Sample
5.  Working For Someone Else 2:18Sample
6.  I Dance To The Beat 3:16Sample
7.  Forgiveness 4:51Sample
8.  Time Heals All Wounds 3:46Sample
9.  She's The One 2:16Sample
10.  I Am The Black Sheep 3:03Sample
11.  What You See Is What You Get 3:10Sample
12.  Ain't Life A Bitch 3:22Sample
The Joy is in the Journey CD by Jon Fernans
“The Joy is in the Journey”

“The Joy is in The Journey”

1.  Nothing In This Life 4:22 Sample
2.  Gypsy Woman And The Magician 3:42Sample
3.  Rwa Bhineda 3:30Sample
4.  Listen To Your Inner Voice 3:23Sample
5.  Aesops Fables 4:05Sample
6.  There Came A Time 3:07Sample
7.  Here Is There 2:17Sample
8.  Forgiveness 3:58Sample
9.  The Joy Is In The Journey 2:56Sample
Heading on Home to You CD by Jon Fernans
“Heading on Home to You”

“Heading on Home to You”

1.  Heading On Home To You 3:46 Sample
2.  Lifesaver 3:15Sample
3.  True Love 2:57Sample
4.  Heartache Heartbreak 3:32Sample
5.  My Best Friend 3:31Sample
6.  Tail Of The White Whale 3:01Sample
7.  St. Thomas 2:28Sample
8.  He Had A Dream 5:40Sample
9.  Unexpected Love 4:18Sample
11.  My Living Dream 2:16Sample
12.  Blues In Bali 4:06Sample
13.  All I'm Leaving You 2:48Sample

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